How to meet us ?

Our biggest Hobby is the Erotik himself, so we not search only for the simple sex, we search for more!

One side are the romantik and sensual dates with couples or to visit Swingerclubs, the other Side is to dive in the special fetisches of erotik.

We like very much the exhibition and enjoy the ractions of others .

Also we like to be satisfactory the preferences of others.

A big passion of us is to make movies and photos, on a semiprofessional way we like to enjoy the feeling like a pornactor or a producer.

So we like to meet evry kind of People to have fun together but we dont do everything with everybody.!

So if you will meet us for a romantik and sensual night you mußt be the right one for everyone of us!

other dates we search for you can write down your fetisch or more and we think about how we can meet.

a List how to meet and something about our experiance you see down.


Click on the Photo and you can see the details about our passions.

To get the password write us a e-mail or contact us on BC.


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