Here you can read more about our passions and experiance !


Did you like my used underware ? did you like the smell of me evry time ?

send me a mail and ask for stuff and you can strip it direct from me body !

I like it very much to meet the guys who like it and you can strip me by your self!

Write down you wish and we meet us soon.

you can have my string after a viwe days of using or after a hot fuck like you will have it


We like it much to make videos and pictures!

If you will feel like a pornactor write us a mail to with a little discreption from you and 3 fotos, 1 foto we can see you complete, one from your dick and one from your hard dick.

we make this only as a hobby and for our own sexual passion. we film on a diffrent lokations, outdoor at home ....

This is not  a simple fuck! we will have fun and a lot of erotik ;-)

so it takes time to make movies and we try to become a very good solution to show on our homepage.


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